Quick Tip – Good managers teach as they correct

As a lead or manager it is in your best interest to help grow and develop your team.

It is common, because it is the easy way, to correct someone’s work and just send back the changes or feedback without helping them understand why.

If you take the time to teach them it will not only improve and grow their skill set, you will end up with a better quality worker and it will save you time further down the line.

Every time you correct someone’s work make sure you take an extra few minutes to tell them the following:

  • why you are requesting a change
  • why your suggestion or correction is a better way of doing it
  • how they can do things differently in the future

IMPORTANT! Be very mindful that you are discussing someone’s work and they may be quite attached to it so make sure all feedback is constructive, well thought out and in no way a personal attack.

As a manager, leader or mentor you are in a unique position to share your experience and wisdom with others, don’t waste the opportunity!

Next time you’re reviewing work, just take a few minutes to do the above and notice the difference it makes.


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