Have a system for weekly functioning for you and your team

You know the old real estate adage ‘location, location, location’ well I’d like to say the key to your own success on a project is ‘process, process, process’ or have a system. It is important that you have a system for yourself and your team to operate by right from set-up.  Essentially it is getting you and your team organized.

Sure a system is not a one size fits all, you need to adapt it to your own style, the number of team members, the size of the project, the type of project and your stakeholders.  And when a step in your system isn’t working out, change it.

The items that make up your system should be repeatable, structured and can be described.  They should be consistent throughout the project.

Create a calendar, daily, weekly, monthly, whatever cycle suits, of the repeatable items.


  • Regular meetings or catch-ups e.g. team meetings
  • Reporting or delivery cycles e.g. status reporting
  • Regular or repeated tasks e.g. one on one team member catch-ups, project plan updates

If your currently doing some of those things adhoc or last minute, they are not an efficient part of your system.

Share the system with your team and stick to it.

Have you ever considered your system?  It doesn’t take much time to sit down and draw up a calendar of repeatable events so you can better manage yourself and your team.

They’ll appreciate it also because they will be clear about what they have to do when.


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