If everything is going exactly to plan, something somewhere is going massively wrong.

Have you heard this one before, “If everything is going exactly to plan, something somewhere is going massively wrong.”

Seems unfair doesn’t it? But when things appear to be running smoothly don’t get complacent, this is a perfect time to do a thorough review of the goings on in the business and the project.

Here are a couple of things to do and look into.

  • Risks. Review the risks on your register.  How are they tracking? Are the mitigation plans effective and complete?
  • Dependencies. What other projects are you dependent on or are dependent on you? Do they have any issues that could impact you or even worse a major scope or timeline change you have not been informed of.
  • Those affected by the change. Look at what is happening in the teams that you are affecting with the change.  Are they stable? Are they about to do a restructure? Is a key person leaving the organization? Are they ready for the change that is coming?
  • General Murmurs. Listen to what is being said about your project across the organization. Are they supportive comments? Is there a negative feel about the project? Do people even know about it? Is it a priority?
  • It’s important to know what is happening across the organization.  Is there a change in strategic direction? Are there changes at the executive level?
  • And last but not least, check in with you team members. Are they quiet because they have lost momentum and motivation? Are they on top of things? Are there issues they are not telling you about or have missed?

All of these things can have a flow on effect to your project.


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