Managing change

Change in inevitable, is can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a disruptive exercise.

A couple of tips to help you manage the change.

Acknowledgement – Sounds easy, well it isn’t always.  Denying the need to change is sometimes a defensive mechanism, but the sooner you can acknowledge the need the quicker you can get on with it.

Focus on the positives – you need to look at what positives are coming out of the change, you may get to learn new things, meet new people or you may no longer have a job.  That doesn’t seem like a positive you say, well why shouldn’t it be? You may get a few days break, you may have the opportunity to start a whole new career or learn something you would never of had the opportunity to before.

Use it to your advantage. Be proactive with the change, take action to help smooth the way.  Help your fellow co-workers take the steps they need to change also.  Go out and find out more about the training you will need, and jump start the process.

Support management. This goes hand in hand with the above point. Stand out from the crowd with management by being a change champion, it sure can’t hurt your career, and it enables you to be successful. Partner with management on key activities such as new processes and training.


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