Not giving 100% creates rework and costs nothing but time, money and reputation

Not giving 100% to a task or completing it ‘half-assed’ only creates rework, costs time, money and reputation.

It can be enormously frustrating when team members give a task only partial effort in the first place. The problem with this is it commonly results in rework and wasted time not only for the team member who completed the initial task but for others as well.

A poor effort on any task can have dire results down the line, for example.

Not making the effort to ensure you have a complete set of requirements, trouble later with rework on various levels. If you don’t ensure you include Everyone that is required in a communication, this can only cause confusion and distrust.

People make mistakes and things get missed, we are only human, but when there is clear disregard for quality and attention to detail you have to put your foot down.

Ensure in your feedback and your team principles you are clear on what you expect.

  • 100% completeness
  • That you will not have to come back and ask the same questions repeatedly
  • That when others review the work, they will not identify errors or poor quality
  • That the task is completed in the most efficient manner


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