Over Governance…

I have recently been doing a little bit of research into the effectiveness of Project Governance.

Generally the feedback I tend to get from Project Managers, is that the admin that is required on a project is onerous, and the needs of the Project Management Office(PMO) and those of the stakeholders are sometimes so varied that you have to continually create reporting and documentation in multiple formats.

One of the reasons this occurs is because when a PMO implements its documentation and reporting requirements, it thinks of all the possible things it would want to know and all the things they think a project should complete. They then implement it.

Often Project Managers and Stakeholders are not consulted in this process.  Theory seems to be the basis for the development of the framework not practical needs and requirements.

When it comes to implementing a governance framework ensure you do the following:

  • Consult PMs
  • Consult stakeholders
  • Determine the best case scenario for the PMO
  • Then cull it to a minimum and negotiate an adequate outcome that suits all parties, removing rework, wasted work and only including the items that will directly result in success. Not nice to haves
  • Make it easy to implement the framework in projects

We all seem to chant the “keep it simple” mantra, but do we implement this everywhere?


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