Softly softly, we’re changing

Change management is often considered the soft practice, where it’s all group hugs and “you’ll be ok we’re here to help”.

That may be the nature of some of your content, you have to be kind and caring and careful what you say, but should your approach be soft too?

My view is No. You need to assert yourself, be confident in your approach and stand firm on what is required to ensure everything runs smoothly and the change sticks.

You almost need to be two personalities. With the management championing the change you need to be blunt about what needs to happen, what they need to do and the impact of them not doing it.

You need to not only get their support in the beginning, you need to continually, and I mean weekly, remind them what they need to do and what the impact is if they don’t.  Remember they tend to get caught up in their day to day work, so you have to remind them.

However, you then need to be able to switch personalities and show empathy and support for those directly affected by the change. Some people may be losing their jobs, others may have a drastic change to their job so a completely different approach is required.

How well do you split your personality?


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