Quick Tip – Testing times

When should a tester become involved in a project?

Commonly the testing team are left to the end of the project.  If you are a tester make sure your in amongst it right from the get go, you can add a lot of value that is commonly left out because the tester themselves is left out in the early stages of a project.

A tester has had the opportunity to be exposed to so many things; previously implemented projects, the views of the customers on previous projects, the way the backend systems hold together and work with each other, the platforms the business operates on and much more.

I know budget constrains can often be a deciding factor as to whether it is possible to have the testing team involved early in a project but the input, value and upfront preparation that they can add outweighs the cost in most cases.  Don’t underestimate the value of having a testing representative involved upfront.

When do you involve testing in your projects?  Do you get them to review your initial plans?


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