The most important and most missed approach

When I ask people what they think Business Readiness is, I get a variety of answers with a variety of outcomes ranging from, I ask the manager in a meeting if they are ready for Go Live on Monday to their ready, we’ve done it all for them!

A couple of notes about business readiness.

Firstly, when they say they are ready, you have to know what that means. Do they even know what being ready means?

Second, doing it all for them is also not getting them ready, because they then have a total lack of understanding of what is happening and why, which in turn actually means, they are not ready.

So how do you get them ready?

  • Communicate regularly with the business/customers keeping them fully up to date
  • Tell them what is changing and why
  • Help them assess exactly what that means to their people, processes and systems
  • Help them determine the tasks and amount of work involved to get themselves ready
  • If required, support them to complete those tasks
  • Get written acceptance that they are ready to change, by signing off that they have done all the things that needed to be done, list them out
  • Don’t leave this process to the last minute, it should happen throughout the project


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