This Invisible Hero

I was recently in a discussion about how to create more visibility and understanding of how the role of change manager and project manager for example contribute to the overall success of a project and without their input the project would surely fail.

When you are in the role you are fully aware of the extent of work you put in and how that has contributed to the overall success of the project but it can be difficult for others to see that contribution as it is not necessarily something tangible.

There are a couple of problems with working on projects, I’ll be honest with you, it can be a thankless job, you need to have confidence in yourself and your own achievements and sometimes give yourself a pat on the back.

Projects are commonly temporary teams so your ‘boss’ at the time may be a stakeholder, sponsor or a temporary manager, they may thank you, but not to the level you feel you deserve.

Two things I think you need to do:

  1. Have confidence in your own abilities and congratulate yourself
  2. Ask for feedback, ask them to complete a feedback form or provide a reference, or sit down with you and have a discussion

The ’temporary’ nature of the work does not lend to a typical feedback system, so create your own so you can get the kudos you know you deserve.


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