Why are you going it alone?

It is important to have confidence in your own abilities, but the saying “two heads are better than one” was not created from a myth.  There may absolutely be things you can do better than others, but don’t underestimate the benefit of utilizing those around you.

This applies to any role and many scenarios.  Most people enjoy helping other people, they get a good feeling out of helping someone else.  So let them.

I want you to consider a current problem, strategy, situation or issue you are working on or through.

I want you now to think of the people you know, not just directly in your team, but outside your team and even your organization.

Really think outside the square, consider forums, associations, previous colleagues, managers in other teams, mastermind groups etc.

Now consider the different and most effective ways to leverage their knowledge and experience.  It may be as simple as walking over to their desk, picking up a phone, or maybe you might like to get multiple people in a room, post a discussion on a forum or worst case, pay an expert.

Don’t try and do it all alone, leverage who you know because not only will you benefit by learning something new, they will too.


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