Self Service Project Management, To Go Please

It’s all transparent self-service business models these days isn’t it? Well that’s what Atlassian wants us to think. The firm this week unwrapped the fancy packaging around JIRA Data Center, a new piece of project management software that can be deployed across multiple nodes.

The company’s complementary Confluence Data Center provides collaboration efforts. There’s also “premier level” customer support and technical account management, just in case that kind of news gets you going.

RedMonk analyst and cofounder James Governor is of the opinion that “the great majority” of enterprises have fixed expectations about services and support, demanding a degree of hand-holding from their suppliers. “With JIRA Data Center, Atlassian is ready to deliver enterprise class support to its customers, alongside its other values,” said Governor.

JIRA is at the center of the software teams that send NASA rockets into space and sequence the human genome, Atlassian JIRA general manager Bryan Rollins reminds us.

JIRA Data Center offers performance improvements so that concurrent user capacity grows steadily as more nodes are added. Clustering capabilities smooth out spikes in traffic improving performance and usability.

“JIRA Data Center and Confluence Data Center provide active-active clustering to reduce the risk of system downtime. The Data Center platforms integrate with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared filesystems to minimize single points of failure. Teams can add a node in a cluster in real time. Re-indexing is very quick since the search index can be copied from another node,” said the company.

JIRA Data Center can be up and running within a few hours. When installing JIRA Server, users can request a JIRA Data Center evaluation key to use that server as a node in a cluster. Existing customers on the most current version of the software can use their existing JIRA Server as one of the nodes in JIRA Data Center.

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