September Newsletter – Make The Hard Choices

There are 3 months left in this calendar year, which doesn’t leave us much time to complete all the things we want to or more importantly need to.

So it’s time to think about better or different ways of doing things, removing those things from your to do list that don’t directly contribute to your end goal and reprioritise what you and your team are doing so you can reach your desired outcomes.


Here are some reads and resources that can help you on your journey to the finish line.


Here are a couple of things trending at the moment:

From the Archives

Communication and the Rule of Three



To ensure your meetings are effective and efficient you need to ensure you set them up for success, grab our templates and tips here:
Meeting Agenda and Minutes Templates

You can also download yourself the 27 Point Set-Up for Success Project Checklist.

This is not your standard tick in the box theory checklist. It is designed to get you thinking about all the things you should be considering to make your project successful on top of the fundamentals they teach you in text books.

Influencing Action Toolkits
Now is the time to make sure your team and your stakeholders are taking the actions required.

The Influencing Action Toolkits may just be the resource you have been looking for.

No more battling with people on your project who won’t take responsibility. It’s all about getting things done!

If you would like to know more about our Influencing Action toolkits you can find out all about them here

Events and Training

Project Sponsor Development

Recent studies between PMI and the Boston Consulting Group have shown that effective Executive Sponsorship support is one of the top reasons for project success.

The study also shows that 1 of the 3 primary factors that can limit or inhibit sponsors’ ability to be effective is lack of professional development.

Find out more about Project Sponsor Development here

Project Summit *Business Analyst World
OCTOBER 13 –  15, 2015

A Message From Our Founder

Every week I have to make what seems like hundreds of decisions, and often some of those have to be ‘hard ones’.

Deciding to stop a project that is not meeting its goals, deciding to let a team member go due to performance or simply prioritising where the team should focus their efforts. Hard decisions are not always doom and gloom they can also result in great joy, taking that plunge to start a new project or choosing to make time to spend on something you will enjoy.

Things can change quickly and you need to be ready to make the hard decision when they come up.

Not taking action and making those hard decisions can result in a drain on your resources, can bring your team down and impact motivation and can be a drain on your time and thoughts.

Hard decisions are linked to strong emotions. The reason they are hard is because they talk to feelings such as fear, anger and sadness. We don’t want to make the decision because we are afraid of failing, of missing out or of hurting someone’s feelings.

The best advice I can give you here is to just do it, emotions pass and you will soon move onto the next challenge. Don’t dwell on the past, on the feeling that decision created, on the success or the failure of your last decision. Learn from it and move on. The important thing is to keep moving forward.

What hard decisions have you been putting off? It’s time to take the step to not only make the decision but to action it. Do it now!



Louise Ledbrook


Enjoy the rest of your month

Louise and the Project Community Team


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