So what is PMBOK Vs Prince2?

A very common dilemma that project managers face is whether they should opt for PMP or Prince2 since both of them are extremely popular methodologies for project management worldwide. While Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide is a standard brought out by PMI for individual projects, Projects in a Controlled Environment (Prince2) is a structured methodology developed for effective project management.

PMBOK Vs Prince2

While these standards have few commonalities, they exhibit different approaches to project management. Here are some of the differences between PMBOK and Prince2:

  • At the macro level, PMBOK is a guide and Prince2 is a method for successful management of projects.
  • The PMBOK guide is a collaboration of various project management processes and tools. Prince2 offers a prescriptive approach to project management complete with roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.
  • The PMBOK guide can be referred to as a collection of the best practices for managing projects that every project manager should know. On the other hand, Prince2 is a process driven method that describes what the project manager and stakeholders ought to do in a project, when they should do it and how it must be executed.
  • Prince2 is widely popular in UK and some other European countries, whereas PMBOK is quite popular in USA.

While both Prince2 and PMBOK offer several advantages to project managers in handling their tasks, some project managers choose a hybrid approach that combines the best of these two methodologies. Whatever be the case, both of them offer frameworks that managers should adopt to ensure success for their respective projects as well as their careers.

What methodology do you love?


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