Social Project Management Software Adds Twitter Support

Upstart Industries‘ extends collaborative work notifications to the consumer space with its latest release of its social project management software, Vantage.

Vantage is an online, subscription-based social project management and task management tool which also includes its own secure social media channel called VantagePoint.  VantagePoint is integrated throughout the project management application, streaming real-time information about work activities such as new task assignments, completed tasks, event requests, reminders, approval and consensus requests, team member status updates, and more.

Available today, the latest release of Vantage has the capability to send users a direct message to their Twitter account whenever they receive a new VantagePoint message.

Upstart Industries President, Kelly Kazimer, explains “Our focus is always on providing the easiest, most intuitive tools to enhance and support productivity.  While many organizations still embrace traditional email, there is growing demand to embrace newer, more efficient communication mediums. Leveraging Twitter for VantagePoint notifications allows us to create an appropriate bridge between work and personal social platforms.  And with Twitter now baked into Apple’s latest iOS, Vantage users can conveniently receive their Vantage task and project notifications on their Apple device”.

Taking advantage of this latest feature requires a dual opt-in process.  Your company’s Vantage administrator must first enable Twitter on the company’s Setup page.  Then each user must explicitly allow Vantage to send them Twitter notifications, by selecting “Enable Twitter” in the Profile section of their Vantage Home page, and following the setup instructions.  A refreshing change from the all-too-frequent practice of applications pushing out defaulted sharing features to unsuspecting users.

Vantage offers a free trial at, and you can follow Vantage on Twitter ( for the latest news.

Upstart Industries produces cloud and mobility delivered software applications for businesses and consumers.  Powered by the imagination, passion, and dedication of our employees, our mission is to impress our customers and shareholders by relentlessly delivering intuitive, elegant solutions that integrate with the way we work and play.

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