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Agile Project Management for MES Deployments


Successful MES or MOM implementations require a more nimble project management style than traditional project management. Managing in “sprints” is more effective for these long-term, high-risk projects. By Luigi De Bernardini Although recent years have seen a gradual proliferation of configurable products to create manufacturing execution systems (MES) or manufacturing operations management (MOM), a project…

Ready to Make a Change to Agile? Make it STICKY!


“Change means uncertainty; uncertainly breeds opportunity.”      Japanese saying  “Uncertainty is the breeding ground of all great possibility!”        Jennifer Chrisman Are you ready to adopt Agile project management to improve project delivery and complement and enhance “traditional” project management rigor? If yes, then you need a change management approach with actions that can make change happen —…

Agile Project Management – What you need to know


Some projects may require addressing changes quickly. In critical situations where a project needs to be completed within a short period of time (like within days or weeks), a faster paced approach to project management is adopted in order to meet the deadline. Also when a project is best broken down into small parts and…