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Healthcare Project Management: Is It What The Doctor Ordered?

062216_project management

Emergency lights were switched on in the board room of a healthcare organization. Suddenly there was all hustle and bustle. The topic on hand: figuring out how to work cost-effectively while providing new services and meeting new regulations. The organization’s CEO was ecstatic about his organization becoming more project-oriented than before as they had improved…

How to optimize Hadoop performance by getting a handle on processing demands


The promise of mainframe technology is that systems management within these mega-machines is so well orchestrated that optimal resource allocation and the management of diverse processing and applications on multiple operating systems is possible under one computer frame. It is a major reason why mainframes continue to hold their own as preferred bastions of mission-critical…

Beginners Guide: The Most Important Project Team Member The Project Champion


The title champion brings to mind capes, super powers, masks and colourful tights. So– who is this mysterious figure? What is their origins story? What’s their true identity? It’s no accident that the job title “project champion” sounds so awesome. After reading this I hope that you’ll see how the uncanny abilities of a skilled…

Montana Tech’s Online Project Management Degree Ranked A Best Value


OnlineU, the leader in affordable higher education publishing, has named Montana Tech to its list of 2016 Best Value Online Colleges for Project Management degrees. OnlineU named the 25 best value schools offering online project management degrees based on an academic strength score above 59% and annual tuitions under $24,000. Montana Tech landed in the…