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Windows 10 upgrade: Don’t use Express settings if you value your privacy


When you’re setting up a new or existing PC with Windows 10, Microsoft will offer to install the operating system with “Express settings.” Although Windows 10 Express settings will get you up and running quickly, that convenience comes at a cost: By skipping over custom settings, you’re agreeing to all kinds of data collection and…

From Construction Site to Court Room: How project management is transforming expert witness teams


With surprising frequency, attorneys involved in litigating design and construction issues take a very simple, even myopic view of the use of expert witnesses. In a lawsuit that’s focused on structural problems, for instance, who could carry more authority than a structural engineer? The strategy seems straightforward: enlist the expert most closely aligned with the…

Are You Making These Common Resume Mistakes?


As a certified professional resume writer, I’ve noticed that one of the most common mistakes people make when writing their resumes is trying to include everything. While it is important that your resume contains pertinent details, qualifications, and achievements, you don’t have to list every little thing about your work experience. This may sound counterintuitive, but including…