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Don’t Get Surprised by Burnout


Coming back to the UK after an intensive, three-day consulting trip, I was on the edge of a panic attack. For a few seconds, I had a vivid “day-mare” of myself in the hospital, surrounded by doctors, with no way to cope or communicate coherently. As the vision passed, I became aware, for the first…

The Economist explains: What APIs are


A FEDERAL jury has handed Google a huge victory in its long-running battle with a rival, Oracle, over Google’s Android software. The two software giants have been at legal loggerheads for years over Oracle’s allegation that Google illegally copied parts of its software—specifically, 37 “Java APIs”—in its Android phones. Oracle has already announced it plans…

Project management for creatives


It may not be exciting, but effective project management will remove stress and free up more time for creativity. Jada Balster, marketing manager at Workfront, shares some great advice When I utter the words ‘project management’, I’m guessing that most creative types are tempted to tune out instantly. Who can blame you? You’d rather spend…

LinkedIn Isn’t Facebook: 6 Tips to Help You Grow Your Network and Your Career

Social Network Homepage On A Monitor Screen.

Social media has taken over our lives. A good chunk of our communication occurs through these channels. Relationships and friendships are built and destroyed on social media. And that leads me to my point. There is one social platform that is dramatically different from the rest: LinkedIn. I see plenty of people posting on LinkedIn about…