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Don’t Get Surprised by Burnout


Coming back to the UK after an intensive, three-day consulting trip, I was on the edge of a panic attack. For a few seconds, I had a vivid “day-mare” of myself in the hospital, surrounded by doctors, with no way to cope or communicate coherently. As the vision passed, I became aware, for the first…

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No


For many professionals, saying “No” at work can be quite difficult. Whether your employer is asking you to stay late, come in early, take on a new project, or help another employee with their own workload, sometimes you feel it’s impossible to decline – even if you really should. Oftentimes, it is just easier to say “Yes!” and…

Avoid Burnout by Asking This Question


In the late 1990s I began an undergrad business degree program at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. After nearly flunking Economics 101 and striking out with a majority of sports and teams, I finally found my home among a group of interfaculty misfits at the Golden Words comedy newspaper. Golden Words was the largest weekly humor…