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Structure Trouble – Part 2


If you have missed part 1 of this story, yesterday I was talking about a conversation I was observing about the best way to structure a program of work. In this conversation a number of individuals had differing views on how to best structure the teams on the program. I discussed yesterday some of my…

Structure Trouble – Part 1


In our January newsletter I told you I would start to share more regularly my own experiences and observations from not just my past but real time experiences from the projects am currently involved in or that I see in organisations around me right now. Here’s my first article. Let me know what you think…

RACI Matrix Basics – how to use one


The RACI matrix is a tool used to help project managers better delegate tasks throughout a project and to stop or prevent project members doubling up on tasks and responsibilities. RACI is an acronym standing for Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed One of the difficulties a project manager can face is having people not take responsibility…