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How to optimize Hadoop performance by getting a handle on processing demands


The promise of mainframe technology is that systems management within these mega-machines is so well orchestrated that optimal resource allocation and the management of diverse processing and applications on multiple operating systems is possible under one computer frame. It is a major reason why mainframes continue to hold their own as preferred bastions of mission-critical…

Can IT keep up with big data?


Though IT and its functions and responsibilities have changed over the years, there’s one area that remains consistent: IT primarily focuses on major enterprise applications and on large machines—whether they are mainframes or super servers. When IT deals with big data, the primary arena for it is, once again, large servers that are parallel processing…

Election Tech: Leadership is more powerful than technology


Harper Reed-entrepreneur, programmer, and Obama’s former CTO-says winning organizations treat technology as a ‘first class citizen’ by empowering people and small teams to make smart decisions. The myth is powerful. Technology and big data helped Obama win a tight re-election campaign in 2012. Obama mastered social media in 2008, and by 2012 had such a…