Team Development – Which areas should you focus on?

The only thing which never changes is the consistency of change. Change is ever with us, it is always there. But technology changes constantly. And demands from clients keep changing and the economy of your country and of the world certainly keeps changing.  So if your project team is to be successful and go on being successful, it needs to be aware of the change happening all around them.

Some have argued that the four best areas of focus for any project team are

  • Using new technology
  • Being aware of change
  • Being able to accept change
  • Working together

If you want an example of the changing nature of business then look at the way some small, even very small businesses, are able to grow at a phenomenal rate and make enormous profits. Why? It is often because of their grasp of new technology and their ability to adapt it to the needs of business.

Apply the four tips listed above to your current project team. As a team are you using the latest technology? If not, why not? Your competitors may well be up to date with new software and hardware products which give them an edge over your company.

But of course it is difficult to keep up with the new if you do not know it exists. What type of awareness program does your company operate? Are you in a position to attend seminars and product launches? Are you on the mailing list of blog writers who are at the coalface reporting on new developments which could directly impact on your business? And again, if not why not?

Sadly there are some who are aware of change but are not willing or able to accept it or embrace it. If you are working with colleagues who are happy to operate in the tried and tested way without choosing to embrace new ideas and techniques, your project team is carrying extra and unnecessary weight.

Working together is a cliché but holds true in whatever business situation you are in. In forming a team or controlling a team, co-operation is a key foundation stone.  The whole basis of your project team should be grounded in open [as in transparent] collaboration through every aspect of the project’s cycle. Information and tasks should be shared or made known to all team members.

How easy is it for your team members to thank fellow workers for work and efforts which they see as beneficial to the task? Team members appreciate being appreciated but if the task of paying a compliment is too difficult, morale misses a chance to be boosted. Have you considered some form of reward system to thank those whose contribution has given the project a better chance of success? If not, why not?

Finally, expectations are always essential when it comes to developing your project team’s abilities and enthusiasm. Make sure that you as project leader are crystal clear in what you know are the expectations of the project. And of course pass on your expectations with absolute clarity to all members of your team.


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