Ten reasons why learning to love change is a life skill

It’s stating the obvious to say we live in changing times, because we do, and we always have.

So rather than see change as hard, it’s time to change the mindset and focus on why we should love change.

As Thomas Edison said: “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

In an organisational context, being able to prosper through change is a core skill set that everyone should have.  These skills can be learned.  Mastering them provides not only useful life skills, but skills that will help you become more effective and influential at work.

Consequently, these capabilities are relevant for all professions, including technically based ones such as CFOs, CROs, engineers, scientists and the like.

I think of change management as a mixture of art and science.  The science is understanding the people, and the art is knowing when to selectively apply an approach or activity to achieve a fantastic outcome.


So here’s ten reasons why it’s time to fall in love with change, and to embrace the skills needed to thrive through it:

1. The pace of change isn’t getting any slower and it’s not going away. There’s no point resisting it, so you might as well embrace it

2. Change doesn’t need to be ‘change for change’s sake’, but it is only through change that the world, your organisation, your community etc can become a better place

3. It would be very boring if nothing ever changed, and never changing runs counter to how humans have evolved

4. Seeing change as an opportunity, rather than a threat, helps to change your mindset so that you are ready for the experience

5. Everyone feels some form of discomfort during a change. That’s normal and nothing to be afraid of.  As the saying goes: “feel the fear, and do it anyway”

6. Change is about learning and doing new things, and research shows that learning and growth is really good for our health – both our mind and body

7. If you are not prepared to learn, adapt and evolve you will fall behind everyone else – which can impact your career, lifestyle and happiness

8. The more you understand yourself and how you react during periods of change, the more you are able to support yourself through change

9. Think of change like an experiment – you never quite know what you are capable of doing and you may delight yourself with the results

10. The world is an amazing place so open yourself to the opportunities that are in front of you


Change happens.  Make it work.

Article source: http://www.changemeridian.com.au/ten-reasons-why-learning-to-love-change-is-a-life-skill/


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