Time-Stingy Project Leaders

There’s nothing worse than dealing with project leaders who want everything done in five minutes flat. You sometimes wonder if these people live on the same planet as the rest of us.

But anyone who has been involved in projects for any length of time knows that stakeholders, customers and even project sponsors tend to push for the project to be completed as quickly as possible.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to give them exactly what they want because when you aren’t able to deliver you will be blamed for agreeing to the schedule.

Make sure you accurately estimate the time it takes for each activity to be completed. Ensure that all factors have been considered and then add a 10% buffer. This guarantees there is no chance you will miss the deadline. If software projects are on the agenda it is recommended you add 20% or even up to 50% buffer for development. Many unknowns can occur in this

Of course, you will have to make your case to the project leader or to management and the best way to do that is with supporting documents. Don’t say it can’t be done in the timeframe they are asking without proof. Offer an alternative. It gives you a much better chance of gaining

If you simply say no, you sound like you are disagreeing simply for the sake of it. This often leads to conflict. On the other hand, if you offer an alternative, most people will relent.

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