To thrive through change – channel your energy wisely

Going through a change can feel like a series of ups and downs.  Some days it feels easy.  Other days it feels hard.  And because change isn’t a linear process, it sometimes feels like it’s one step forward, and one step backwards.

To thrive through change, you need to manage your energy levels.

Managing your energy levels helps you to stay focused.  It also helps you make sure you are not wasting precious energy on things that don’t matter, or things that won’t help you reach your change goal.


But how do you manage your energy?

It’s about being purposeful, positive and planned.

Purpose is about intent.  It’s about being clear on what you need to achieve each day and the goals that need to be reached.  When you are clear on your goals, it becomes easier to know what you can say ‘no’ to.

Saying ‘no’ means you can stay focused on what is really important.

Positive is about mindset.  It’s about the mindset you are applying to the situation so that you have the resilience and optimism to work through challenges and set-backs.  With change comes challenges, and how you approach those challenges will impact your ability to overcome them.   You will become very quickly drained of energy if you let the challenges overwhelm you.

Finding ways to break the challenges down into smaller pieces, being clear on the progress you are making and celebrating that progress all help in this regard.

Planned is about action. It’s about the steps that you need to take every day to reach your goals.  When you are planned you are organised and this means you can more easily avoid distractions and activities that divert your attention away from your purpose.

Also, the more organised you are, the less likely you are to waste your time and energy on activities that are unimportant, or issues that are outside of your control.

You can apply these principles to your work and personal life.  They are simple reminders of what you can do to help use your energy in the best way.

I liken it to going on a trek through the mountains.  To safely arrive at your destination you need to use your energy wisely.

You plan the trek and the route that you are going to take.  This helps to guide you forward, so that you know the level of difficulty and the challenges you may encounter.

You prepare yourself – mentally and physically – for the trek, which includes being clear on your goals and why you want to complete the trek.  If you are not clear on the purpose and don’t apply the right mindset to the challenge, you are less likely to pull it off.

You also need to have the right equipment to get through the trek. This equipment is not just the tools you need – but the techniques and the mindset you need to apply throughout the journey.

So, next time you are embarking on a change think about how you are going to use your energy wisely.

Remember, change happens, so make it work for you!

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