Upgrade to Full Sponsor Training

So you have checked out the Sponsor Training and realise you need to take it to the next level ?

No problems at all! Sign up below and you will have full access to the following:

Program 1What it Means to be a Sponsor & How to be a Great Sponsor

This program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to develop your talents as an Executive Project Sponsor.  It focuses on developing those key areas required in successful project sponsorship.

The program contains 6 modules with over 3 hours of videos plus each module has downloads and instructions on activities or readings to perfom. This will not only personally set you up for success but to give you the knowledge on how to lead your project from inception to successful completion.

6 Modules are delivered online covering:

  • What it is to be a sponsor
  • Key actions and skills of a sponsor
  • Avoiding overextension
  • How to work with the project
  • Communication and engagement
  • Leading change and the change process
  • Effective steering committees

Program 2 - Project Management Fundamentals for Sponsors

This program is essential in understanding what it is going to take to set-up, plan and manage your project to success. Although your project team will be performing many of these tasks, you need to be aware of what is involved and where you need to be involved.

The program contains 5 modules with around an hour of videos.  Although you are given actions, there are not indepth activities as in program 1.

5 Modules are delivered covering the basics of project management, including:

  • Project Management terms and process
  • Taking the project from Visioning to Success
  • Planning
  • Risks, issues and dependencies
  • Set-up, tracking and managing the project

The training enables a sponsor to understand the key activities and deliverables that will be expected of them or the project.

3 x half hour Coaching Calls

The best part of this program is you get one on one coaching calls with an experienced Project Professional and Sponsor. Coaching and mentoring is a strategy all successful business people use to accelerate their careers, businesses and projects.

All this is all only a few clicks away!

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