Want more influence? Stop focusing on you

We live in a celebrity obsessed world and a society which can be incredibly focused on the individual.

It’s easy to get caught up with focusing on what you need and what other people can do to help you.

However, if you want to step up and take your career to the next level, you should think more about what you can do for others than what they can do for you.



The easy answer is because it makes you feel good.

But it goes deeper than that.

Humans are hard wired to help people who help them.  It’s instinctual.   If someone does you a favour you feel obligated to return the favour.

So if you want to be more influential start by thinking about what you can do to help other people achieve their goals.

There’s no doubt there will be some people who may not reciprocate the favour, or it may take them some time.  This shouldn’t stop you.  By helping others, you are ultimately helping yourself.

Start with asking yourself:

  • How can I help a colleague or connection build their network? Is there someone in my network that I can connect them with?
  • If I was to randomly help someone with something, who would it be and what would I do for them? What is preventing me from doing this?
  • Have I got new knowledge or an insight that I could easily share with someone who would find it helpful?
  • Can I help a colleague or friend with their career? Can I do this without them first asking for help?

Once you’ve thought about this, the next step is to action.

The result is that you’ll not only feel good about what you are doing, but you’ll build a brand as someone who is well connected, supportive and able to help people get things done.

All essential ingredients of an influential leader!

So what’s stopping you from doing this?

Remember, change happens. Make it work for you!

About the Author

Michelle Gibbings is the author of Step Up: How to build your influence at work.  She is known for making the complex, simple.  She helps people to think more deliberately, act with greater purpose and accelerate progress by understanding the art and science of human behaviour.

Article source: http://www.changemeridian.com.au/want-more-influence-stop-focusing-on-you/


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